About Us

A family run business that has a proven record of success. A team that has both the skills and knowledge to build you a technically superior mobile app that helps you achieve your business goals. Our apps are designed on the latest engagement information known, and provide a user experience that keeps customers engaged.

Who We Are

Church Social Media Consultant

Paul Shelton (Director)

A seasoned entrepreneur of 15 years. A successful businessman having built three million pounds companies. Also a best selling author; speaker,  trainer and business consultant.

Janet Shelton (Director)

Managing Director of several successful companies. Currently an operations and financial consultant.

Joshua Shelton

Graphics, design and Creative Manager


Want More Sales And Satisfied Customers?

Then let us build you an app – you will not look back

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Experts in Web Design, Online Matrketing and Video Ranking

Head Office: 24 Dark Lane, Hollywood, Birmingham B47 5BT

Email: paulshelton@businessseeds.com